Guide to Swashes in Zazzle Editor

Introduction I’ve recently jumped on the Zazzle bandwagon, and it’s been a blast! While I’ve been a die-hard fan of Redbubble in the past, I’m really enjoying the freedom that Zazzle provides, with it’s more fully featured editor. You can freely layer multiple image assets, add text, shapes, make elements into templates, etc. As far […]

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Blog card that says 'society6 template: shirts,' on a background of a clothing rack

Free Society6 Template for Shirts

Download this Free .PSD template for making shirts on society6, including hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops. Make your print-on-demand products look their best!

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Blog card that says 'threadless free spiral notebook template,'

Threadless Spiral Notebook Template

Introduction Templates help you make your print on demand products faster, and with the assurance that they will look good when uploaded. Now, Threadless does in fact provide a spiral notebook template on their site. But it’s not very helpful, being just a rectangle in the dimensions Threadless suggest [2000 x 2826px]. My file, in […]

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