Commission Guidelines

Please read all the following information before asking me for a commission.

Table of Contents

1. What You Will Receive

If you purchase a commission from Jessica Amber, you will receive a high-quality image file, matching your specifications of dimension, color and subject matter. It will be rendered in my art style or in a style you specify (see 2. My Style). Price is determined based on the level of complexity and detail required of the artwork. (see 5. Price List). 

2. My Artistic Style

I produce digital portraiture mainly in a “Amerimanga” style, a mix between Disney-style cartoons and Japanese manga like Sailor Moon. However, I can work with other styles as needed. The best way to understand my style and capabilities is to just look at it, so make sure you thoroughly check out my gallery on this website, as well as my deviantArt and Instagram pages.
I work using iPad Pro , Apple Pencil, Windows PC and Wacom tablet.

3. Acceptable Subject Matter

These are the topics I am most happy to draw.

  • People
  • Animals
  • Furries, monsters and fantasy creatures
  • Simple backgrounds

4. Unacceptable Subject Matter

These are the topics for which I refuse to create commissions.

  • Gore
  • Graphic sex or exposed genitals
  • Hateful or discriminatory content
  • Some fetish content, e.g. Inflation, focus on feet, vore.

I reserve the right to decline any commission request, for any reason, without disclosing that reason.

5. Price List

Pricing Table
Image Tier Description Price (USD)
1A Inked
1B Inked
2A Flat
colour bust
2B Flat
colour full body
3A Fully
shaded bust
3B Fully
shaded full body
  Addon 1 Layered
PSD file
See 3A Addon 2  Simple background  +$10
Addon 3  Detailed background  +$20 to $40

6. Payment Method

Only send payment through ​once I agree to take the job and confirm the price with you.
Full payment must be made upfront to my Paypal address, which I will notifying you of at the time.

7. Artwork File Details

The artwork you receive will be a high quality .PNG file (for images with a transparent background) or .JPG (for non-transparent images).

You may specify your preferred image dimensions, but there will be a maximum of 4800px on longest side, unless you order the layered .PSD file, in which case you can exceed that limit and request any image dimensions you want.

​The artwork will be 132 DPI unless otherwise requested.

Files will, by default, be transferred to the email address by which you contact me, unless other arrangements are made, either to a different email address or to a file sharing platform.

8. Rights and Rules

The artwork will be given to you under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND- 4.0) licence.

I reserve the right to display the commissioned artwork on my websites and social media as self-promotion, with lowered resolution [maximum 1000x1000px] and a watermark.

​I will not use commissioned artwork for my own commercial purposes, including reselling as a print-on-demand product, without your expressed consent..

9. Commission Work

If you want an artwork for commercial purposes, please include details on the job including but not limited to:

  • Inyended end products
  • File types and dimensions
  • Expected distribution
  • Type of payment (one-off versus percentage of sales etc.)
  • If using an existing character, provide reference photos and description
  • Timeframe for completion

10. Commission Process

10.1. Consultation Phase

Contact me for a commission via this Inquiry Form.
Please include the following information in your inquiry:

  • any pertinent details you can provide on the character(s) you would like drawn, including physical descriptions and reference images
  • the commission tier you want, including add-ons
  • if you selected a background, a description of what it should be
  • your consent to the specified price for the aforementioned items, unless you want a special/complicated order that isn’t covered by the specified tiers. In that case, we will communicate further to come to a suitable price point before continuing.
  • if you require a specific file format or dimensions, etc.
  • Your preferred file transfer method – email, file server etc.


If you know you want an artwork, but are out of ideas, here are some suggestions to get those brain juices flowing:

  • A redrawing of a sketch by your or a loved one. How about a childhood artwork that could be revamped?
  • Your original character standing amongst characters from a popular franchise
  • A portrait of you in a whole new aesthetic, like cyberpunk or gothic

When I receive your email, I will get back to you ASAP. Once I agree to take the job and confirm the price, you can make the payment. When I receive that payment, I will begin work.

10.2. Sketching Phase

A sketch will be produced according to the specifications set out in your email. Once complete, it will be transferred to you. You will notify me of required changes. A limit of two major revisions (different pose, different outfit, etc) and any minor revisions (e.g. Hair style, accessories) will be permitted.

10.3. Line Art Phase

​Once I have your approval for the sketch, then the creation of line art will start [except if you don’t want line art, in which case I’ll go straight to the colouring phase]. At completion, I will again transfer the file to you. You may request minor changes only. 

10.4. Colouring Phase

Once I have your approval for the line art, then colouring will start. At completion, I will again transfer the file to you. You may request minor changes only. 

10.5. Shading and Detailing Phase

Once I have your approval for the colours, then shading and detailing will start. At completion, I will again transfer the file to you. You may request minor changes only.

10.6. Handover Phase

​Once all minor changes are complete, I will transfer the completed artwork to you.

11. File and Data Retention

A copy of your artwork will be retained for archival purposes. You may contact me for a new copy of your file should you lose it or it become corrupted.

Your email address and the correspondence between us will be retained for 2 years from the date of handover. After that the emails will be deleted.

During the period of email retention, your data will be used for statistical purposes only. Additionally, I may contact you to get a testimonial about the quality of the artwork and service you received. You may decline as you wish. If you want your email immediately deleted from retention, please email me and state that.

12. Terminating a Commission

If for any reason you must terminate the commission, you will receive a partial refund. You must still pay for all the artwork that has been created up to that point.
For example, if you commissioned a flat color bust, and cancel as I start the colouring phase, your money will be returned, subtracting the cost of an inked bust.

This is an undesirable situation, so please make sure that you are committed to the artwork and its payment before contacting me.

Your incomplete commission will be retained as stated in Section 11, but you will not be able to contact me for additional copies of the unfinished artwork.

13. Conclusion

If you require any clarification or additional information, please contact me via my Contact Form.
This document was published July 2019.