Commissions Contact Page

Commission Status: Open

So you’re interested in getting me to make a custom order for you? That’s awesome! I’m happy to help you turn that little spark of an idea in your head into a fully realised artwork!

Before we get started, you should really read my Commission Guidelines, so we’re on the same page about what is expected from each party involved.

After that, just fill in the Commission Inquiry Form below, and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

For inquries that include images, please email me at this address.

    Commission Inquiry Form

    Please provide any information you can on:
    1. An overview of what you want your artwork to be, do or look like.
    2. The art style you want the piece done in. 
    3. The character(s) you would like drawn, including detailed physical descriptions. 
    4: Describe the background of the image.
    5: Your consent to the specified price for the aforementioned items, unless you want a special/complicated order that isn’t covered by the tiers. In that case, we will email further to come to a suitable price point before continuing.
    6. if you require a specific file format or dimensions, etc.
    This form cannot accept file uploads, so if there are image files you want to accompany your request, please email them to me, with your first and last name included in the Subject field.
    ​Thank you, and I appologise for this inconvenience.