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Are you ready to transfer your catalog to me for editing? Sweet! This page has everything you need to get your files prepped, sent, and edited by me.

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Trial Run Process

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Prep & Send Catalog
You’ll get your catalog ready by creating Smart Previews and editing your anchor images. Then, send it to me via Google Drive.

Remember – your catalog will contain 30 photos + anchor images

You’ll get a confirmation email when I get your catalog. Now you can chill for 3 business days while I edit your pics.
Questions & Feedback
If you’re having technical issues, or are ready to give feedback on the job, you can send me a video via Loom.
import Edited Catalog
You’ll get an email that your catalog is ready. Download it from Google Drive, and import it into Lightroom.
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I’m dedicated to supporting your every step in this trial run. So I’ve written out all the instructions you’ll need for a successful file handover. You’ll want to check out this PDF, that goes over every step of prepping, exporting, sending and importing your catalogs.

Next, I’ve made the following tutorial vids, that’ll break down how my file transfer system works.

1. Prep Your Catalog

This video shows you how to create Smart Previews and prepare anchor images before you send your catalog

2. Send Catalog Using Jumpshare

This video shows you how to transfer a catalog to me using my custom Jumpshare homepage

3. Download Catalog From Jumpshare

This video shows you how to download your edited catalog from Jumpshare

4. Import Catalog To Lightroom

This video shows you how to import the edited catalog back into Adobe Lightroom

Upload Catalog

Sending Feedback

Wanna hear a secret? I LOVE getting feedback! Why? Because it helps me perfect my mirroring of your unique style.

So, check out this video on the best way to give me actionable feedback!

  1. Record your screen with Loom
  2. In Lightroom, show me which photos are not quite right
  3. Show me which photos it should look like, or demonstrate the desired edit
  4. Send me the link to your feedback video
  5. We’ll discuss the feedback in the Loom comments section

Need Help?

Are you having technical difficulties with importing or exporting your catalogs? I’m here for you! Here’s how to send me a video request for help.

  1. Record your screen with Loom
  2. Show me the problem; including what you clicked on, what error messages are popping up, and what files you’re working with
  3. Send me the link to your video
  4. We’ll solve the problem in the Loom comments section

Office Hours

I will be out of office on the following days:

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