Etsy Art Theft by MimicGamingCo Exposed

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Etsy Art Theft by MimicGamingCo Exposed
I didn’t expect to see my art stolen this morning. I'm going to expose this Etsy seller, so nobody else gets duped by them.
I didn’t expect to see my art stolen this morning, but there it is! You should always be vigilant about this sort of thing, and I wasn’t. But now I’m going to expose this Etsy seller, so artists can be sure their art isn’t being illegally sold by others.
I was innocently doing keyword research using

eRank , and I searched the phrase ‘support main’ hoping to find more keyword ideas to go with my popular Support Main syringe design.

Screenshot of Support Main listing by JessicaAmber on Redbubble, available on a sticker‘Support Main’ is sold on RedBubble. Click image for product link.

On the Keyword Tool page, they showed a bunch of Etsy listings that used ‘support main’ as a keyword. And one of them was my art! Uploaded to an account called MimicGamingCo. So I went to their profile on Etsy to check the situation. Yep, they uploaded my design on a hoodie and a t-shirt.

I reported both of these items to Etsy immediately.
I also sent a message to the seller, informing them of the reporting and encouraging them to take down any stolen art ASAP. I hope that they will do so, because it looked like several more designs were stolen. Since I am not the copyright holder of those, I can’t say with 100% certainty that they’re stolen, but it seems likely. I’ll show examples of these below.

Other Possibly Stolen Designs

198/200 I Need Healing

Designed by: SecretSignals

Liches Get Stitches

Original By: HelloCloudy

Update 11.32am, 31 Jan 2020: I have received a message back from Ron of MimicGamingCo:

He claims he had no idea it was mine. But where did he think it came from, then? Obviously, very fishy, and I will be keeping this blogpost up in the hopes of keeping people informed about who they choose to do business with.

If you have evidence of MimicGamingCo stealing a artist’s work, please send me a message and I’ll include it here. Also leave a comment if you want any more exposés on art theft.


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