Guide to Swashes in Zazzle Editor

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See all the swashes available in Zazzle fonts, and their equivalent letter, to up your design game!


I’ve recently jumped on the Zazzle bandwagon, and it’s been a blast! While I’ve been a die-hard fan of Redbubble in the past, I’m really enjoying the freedom that Zazzle provides, with it’s more fully featured editor. You can freely layer multiple image assets, add text, shapes, make elements into templates, etc.

As far as text editing, there are ways to decorate text without having to upload your own image elements. These are called ‘swashes’, and are often packaged as their own font file. Each letter of your keyboard will produce a different swash instead of a letter. Swashes can include squiggly lines, arrows, doodles, and even smaller self-contained text elements.

I couldn’t find a guide for what these symbols are, so here I am today to help you all out by providing a masterpost of what each swash is, and what key to use to access it.

Sugar Plums Swashes

This swash font file is found in the Zazzle editor between ‘Sugar Plums’ and ‘Sugar Plums Italic’.

This list takes a while to assemble, and is currently a work in progress. Check back later for more letters 🙂

aword and
bword and
ccurly line
dcurly line
gcurly line
hword from
icurly line
jcurly line
lword to
mcurly line
nword and
ocurly line
pcurly line
qbranch leaves
rword the
scurly line leaves
tcurly line
uword with, curly line leaves
vword to, leaves
wword the, curly line
xcurly line, leaves
ybranch leaves
A word and, leaves
B word and
C curly line
D curly line
E curly arrow
F flower
G curly line
H word and, leaves
I curly line
J curly line
K curly arrow
L word to, curly line
M curly line
N word the, leaves
O curly line
P curly line
Q branch leaves
R word and, leaves
S curly line, leaves
T curly line
U word with, curly line
V word from, leaves
W word the, leaves, straight line
X word for, curly line, leaves
Y curved line, branch leaves
Z curved line, branch
0 straight line, leaves
1 curly line
2 circle, leaves, frame
3 curly line, frame
4 curly line, leaves
5 curved line, circle, oval, leaves
6 circle, oval, leaves
7 curved line, circle, oval
8 curved line, circle, oval, leaves
9 straight line, leaves, flower


I hope these reference images will help you make some excellent Zazzle products. If you need some gifts this festive season, check out my Zazzle store. And if there’s more Zazzle content you’d like to see on this blog, leave a comment below!

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