Ko-Fi Product Image Template

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Ko-Fi Product Image Template
Download this template to make great Ko-Fi product images for only $1


Ko-fi is a great platform for selling things. So far I’ve used them for selling some Sims custom content (keeping it as pay-what-you-can with a $0 minimul to keep things nice and legal).

The website recommends using preview images that are 1200x600px, but this results in heavy cropping on the Shop page. And guessing the right dimensions doesn’t work much better.

Text is being cut off, things aren't centred... this ain't good

So I’ve made a template to fix this problem.

About This Template

The images display on the individual product pages, on desktop browsers, at 512 x 400px. On the Shop pages, they display at 300 x 300px.

I used this information to make a template, measuing 1024x800px, clearly marking out what areas will be visible or not depending on what page you’re on.

Green: always visible
Red: Cropped on Shop page, visible on product page
Blue: Buttons for navigating left and right on the product page, covers the image
Purple: pagination on the product page, covers the image

This template comes in 2 formats:

  • Layered PSD, made using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 but saved for Maximised Compatibility. The guide text, and coloured areas, are all on separate layers to aid your work
  • Transparent PNG, which you can import into any software that supports image layers. Put it over your art, adjust your art, then delete the guide layer.
I’ve already started using this template, and its working out well!

Left: The Shop image is properly cropped

Below: The Product page image is not covered by the left and right arrows.

Great success!



I hope this template helps you make your Ko-fi store look better than ever. If you need any other templates for Ko-fi, leave a comment below.

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