Threadless Spiral Notebook Template

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Threadless Spiral Notebook Template
Download this free template to improve your Threadless spiral-bound notebooks. Better looking products, better sales!


Templates help you make your print on demand products faster, and with the assurance that they will look good when uploaded.

Now, Threadless does in fact provide a spiral notebook template on their site. But it’s not very helpful, being just a rectangle in the dimensions Threadless suggest [2000 x 2826px].

My file, in contrast, has more useful features Firstly, I specify what areas will be cut off or not visible in product photos, by making those areas red.

Second, I mark where the spiral binding occurs, so you know not to put anything important in that area.

Third, I added guidelines so you can centre your design in relation to where the binding ends. I feel like this is important because, if you just centre the art according to the document bounds, it may ‘appear’ more off-centre.

Comparison of two spiral notebooks. One has text centred based on file boundaries, the other is centred based on white the spiral binding ends. Text on both books says 'thanks, it's the trauma.'
'Thanks It's The Trauma', now available on Threadless
See how the text that is centred based on the entire cover area  looks a bit too far to the left? Compare to the text that is centred based on the edge of the binding, which looks appropriately centered.

Download the Template

PNG Format

PSD Format

The PSD version has the safe and bleed areas, and instructions, on separate layers for ease of use.
It also has guides that your artwork will snap to, making centering of designs super easy.

Please note that, whichever template you use, you should save your final image in JPD format. The reason why is detailed in the blog post below.

Blog card that says 'threadless, why is there empty space around my art,'

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I hope this template will be helpful for your print on demand career. If there are other items you would like templates for, leave a comment below!

Peace, love and sunshine,

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