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2019 Digital portrait of a teenage witch wearing a large hat, looking at her invisible glowing hands. Artwork by Jessica Amber 2018.

Artwork Details


Cast Me Away


V1: Nov 11, 2016

V2: Feb 15, 2019

V3: 19 June 2020

Medium:Digital Art
Software:Adobe Illustrator, Procreate App
  • iPad Pro 9.7″, Apple Pencil
  • Windows PC, keyboard and mouse


Emilia has always been invisible to people. Nobody ever noticed her. But somebody is bound to notice when she finds a way to conjour invisibility.
A magical design featuring a brunette teenage witch.

About This Artwork

Version 1, 2016

The first version of this artwork was drawn in ink on paper, scanned into Photoshop, and incorporated into a digital drawing. I conveyed the invisibility of the hands via a broken outline, as I knew a soft erasing of the hand area wouldn’t go with the rest of the drawing.

Version 2, 2019

Drawing of a witch with a big hat and invisible hands with blue magic emanating from them

Version 1 was redrawn in Procreate on the iPad. Some colours were made more vibrant, the hands transparency comes across more clearly, and the image has an overall softer look.
This version was also uploaded to Redbubble.

Version 3, 2020

Digital artwork of a witch with a big brown hat and invisible hands, on a green background

The newest version was remade in Illustrator so I could take advantage of the ability to easily rescale vector artwork for any print-on-demand needs. I changed the colour scheme to be more earthy, and added some ferns in the background.

I was not happy with V3, I felt it looked less organic and real than V2. So I will not be promoting V3 any further.

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