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2019 Graphic design featuring a syringe filled with purple liquid. A banner wrapping around says 'Drain Main', and skulls float around it. By Jessica Amber

Artwork Details

Title:Drain Main
Date:September 2019
Medium:Digital Art
Software:Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
  • Windows PC, mouse and keyboard
  • Skull graphics adapted from Clker-Free-Vector-Images [Pixabay]


You’re getting picked at range, and he enemy team have a death ball going. You switch characters, to a healer with a life steal ability. The switch is met with groans from your team. “Don’t go full DPS,” they snark.

You’re chucking out anti-heal grenades, but your team isn’t focusing those targets. Time to take a risk. Stealth flank, life steal, and their 200HP healer is down. Heal yourself, drain their glass cannon DPS, and that’s another kill. It ruins the momentum of the death ball, he tide of the battle turns, and your squad gets the teamkill.

You’re a drain main. More deadly than the support main, you see offence as going hand-in-hand with defense. Dealing damage allows you to gain the energy needed to heal your team and yourself. You can defend your squishies, abort an enemy flank, and sometimes even get gold for eliminations!

Drain mains are important. Nobody should forget that. And they won’t, if this Drain Main design is overlaid across your dress or a strategically-positioned sticker. This artwork was lovingly crafted by me, Jessica Amber, and features a syringe filled with a poisonous purple liquid. Wrapped around the needle is a white banner which says ‘Drain Main’. The syringe is surrounded with cute skulls. The goal I had for this design was to be bright, bold, and worthy of representing deadly supports all over the world. Wear your role with pride – you have earned it!

About This Artwork

“Drain Main” is based on my popular ‘Support Main’ design, featuring a doctor’s syringe filled with healing yellow liquid. ‘Support Main’ has proven to be my most popular artwork on Redbubble, and I was eager to try and recreate it’s success.

​After taking the Udemy course Sell a Ton of Art Online With Redbubble by Douglas James Butner, I was keen to take his advice and apply it to my art as soon as possible. One nugget of knowledge that stood out to me was to create color variations of my most popular designs.

So, what colour variation could I do to this artwork? 
This illustration was inspired by the Overwatch character Mercy, an angelic-themed doctor. I considered her in-game opposite, the Machiavellian scientist Moira. This character has a powerful life-steal ability, spewing pink and purple rays from her hands that suck the HP out of other players. Aha! A clear idea and color scheme that I could apply to my existing design!

2018 Digital illustration of a syringe with yellow liquid, surrounded by a banner that says Support Main. By Jessica Amber.
Support Main, 2018

To complete my vision, first I had to vectorise my original Support Main design, as it only existed as a bitmap, rendered in Procreate. A fine job, but not really suitable for clean recoloring and infinite rescaling, both aspects that I wanted for this new artwork. It took about 3 hours vectorise the artwork in Adobe Illustrator, and I’m very proud of the end result.

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