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2018 Digital illustration of a purple sub-machine gun, surrounded by a banner that says DPS Main. By Jessica Amber

Artwork Details

Title:DPS Main
Date:12 December 2018
Software:Procreate, Inkpad, Illustrator
  • Pad Pro 9.7″
  • Apple Pencil
  • Windows PC, mouse and keyboard


You’re in the character select screen. You confidently pick your favourite gunner. Groans echo through your headset. It’s not the first time you’ve gotten abuse for instalocking DPS. It gets worse in-game. You miss an easy shot, and everyone is calling for you to switch.

But then, in the skirmish, you one-clip a charging tank. Quick flank right, and you eliminate the enemy’s primary support. The tide of the battle changes, and your teammate’s jeers turn to cheers.

You’re a DPS main. You know that securing kills is what wins matches. You’ve mastered tracking, prediction, and recoil, to make every shot count. Your quad-kills are legendary, getting gilded on Reddit.

DPS mains are important. Nobody should forget that. And they won’t, if this DPS Main design is plastered on your tank top or a strategically-positioned sticker. This artwork was lovingly crafted by me, Jessica Amber, and features a cartoonish design of a purple and grey submachine gun, with an eroded ‘GG EZ’ sticker on it. Wrapped around the gun is a white banner that says ‘DPS Main’. The goal I had for this design was to be bright, bold, and worthy of representing DPS players all over the world. Wear your role with pride – you have earned it!

About This Artwork

Part of my ‘Gaming Mains‘ collection, this design uses a drawing of a submachine gun, based on the one used by Sombra in Overwatch.

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