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2018 Four video gaming stickers - syringe, submachine gun, dynamite and shield - on a yellow background. By JessicaAmber

Artwork Details

Title:Gaming Mains Collection
Date:Dec 15 2018
Medium:Digital Art
Software:Procreate app, Inkpad app, Adobe Illustrator
  • iPad Pro 9.7″
  • Apple Pencil


You and the squad play to win! Your friends expertly heal and protect the team, and snipe or explode the enemy. Four Gaming Mains stickers for the price of one, now in high quality vector format!

About This Artwork

“Gaming Mains” is a collection of artworks I made in 2018 onwards, featuring popular roles that players take in video games like healer/support, tank and DPS, aka damage per second. I wanted to cover the major roles so that everyone in a team could have a design that suits their playstyle.

This collection was followed by the Gaming Legends collectoin.

Works in the Collection

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