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2020 Slogan design in a baseball-style font, of the words 'Go Downsteam' in black on an orange background. By JessicaAmber

Artwork Details


Go Downstream


10 July 2020

Medium:Digital Art
Software:Adobe Illustrator
  • Windows PC, mouse and keyboard


A design to help followers of the Law of Attraction remember to go downstream with their thoughts and feelings, live with ease and let go.

About This Artwork

I read and listen to many teachers of the Law of Attraction, including Esther Hicks. One of the pieces of advice they usually give is to turn your attention away from stressing about the things in life that are going wrong. Look at and appreciate what is going right instead. Follow the stream of good feelings. That is, go downstream.
I like making artworks that have a positive message, and so I made this. The art style is based on the lettering on baseball jerseys, because the phrase ‘go downstream’ reminded me of sports fans yelling ‘go team!’

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