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2020 Artwork featuring a 80s-style logo with the words 'jewish ally'. Art by JessicaAmber.

Artwork Details

Title:Jewish Ally
Date:1 August 2020
Medium:Digital Art
Software:Adobe Illustrator
  • Windows PC, keyboard and mouse

  • Bodoni MT font
  • Freestyle Script font


A funky retro design to make your allyship loud and proud! I respect Jewish people and I’m gonna let everyone know about it!

About This Artwork

My sister is Jewish. Through her, I have learned so much about the Jewish faith, people, and suffering they have endured. I wanted to show my solidarity with her and with the Jewish community, who continue to face many types of discrimination and violence. That said, I didn’t want my design to be focused on the sadness. I wanted something that made allyship fun. So I gave this design a late 80s / early 90s vibe with the playful fonts, geometric shapes and vibrant colours.

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