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2021 Drawing of a cartoon woman with brunette braided hair and steel/fur armor, in front of a sunset circle background. By Jessica Amber

Artwork Details

Title:Ladies of Skyrim: Lydia
Date:26 October 2021
Medium:Digital Art
Software:Procreate 5 app, Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
  • iPad Pro 9.7″
  • Apple Pencil
  • Windows PC, mouse and keyboard


A cartoon portrait of one of my favourite ladies from Skyrim, the Nord housecarl Lydia. She is sworn to carry my burdens, and I love her for it.

About This Artwork

I am a fan of Skyrim. I’ve been playing it for years on and off. I started out on the Xbox 360, then some on the Xbox One, and now, on the Nintendo Switch. I like the portability, and keeping the console in standby mode means I can load into the game super fast, which helps keep me immersed.

I’ve been playing as a female knight named Odela. After helping Whiterun with the dragons, I got Lydia as a housecarl. I admire this shieldmaiden, with her loose flowing brown hair, strong stance, and matter-of-fact nature. I felt like drawing some of my favourite Skyrim girls, and she immediately sprung to mind.

I drew this design within a circle with the future intent of making it a series of stickers.