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2019 Digital typography with gold text saying 'My Book of Positive Aspects' on a hot pink background. BY Jessica Amber

Artwork Details


My Book of Positive Aspects

Medium:Digital art
Software: Inkpad ap


It’s true – looking for things to be happy about makes you a happier person! So let’s find some positive aspects. Be inspired by this Law of Attraction slogan.

About This Artwork

​One of the most important tools for a budding Law of Attraction practitioner is a Book of Positive Aspects, or BOPA for short. In it, you list things that you appreciate, about whatever topic strikes you at the time – your job, your family, your house, your car etc.

Generally people will take any old notebook to turn it into their BOPA. But why settle for something like that, when you could have a notebook that specifically says what its gonna do on the cover?

That’s why I came up with this design. It’s a very clean and modern feminine design, somewhat inspired by the notebooks I see at stores like Typo.

How to Use a BOPA?

Your mind is a garden of beautiful flowers. Sometimes it can get overrun with negative weedy thoughts when something is bothering you.

You know about The Secret, and the Law of Attraction. You know you need to pivot your thoughts in a more positive direction. Yanking at the weeds won’t help. Focusing on the negatives will just make you feel worse. Instead, you need to grow more good-feeling thoughts.

Here’s how to use the Book of Positive Aspects, step by step:

  1. Acquire a notebook and label it your ‘Book of Positive Aspects’ (if you get this one I designed, that’s Step One done!)
  2. Set aside at least 20 mins in your day 
  3. On a new page, write down the name of the thing you want to feel better about. E.g. ‘My Job’.
  4. Ask yourself, ‘What can I honestly say that I like about this topic?’ Be gentle, only write down things you believe. E.g. ‘I like that my job gives me a steady income’.
  5. Think of more positive aspects of your topic. As you build momentum, more and more positive ideas will pop up.
  6. Continue as long as it feels good, and bask in those good feelings! At the end of this exercise, your thorny thoughts will be eased. You’ve deliberately come into alignment, and changed your vibration on this topic. Well done!

Continue to use your BOPA whenever you want to improve your feelings on a topic. It will become easier and easier to grow more positive thoughts in the garden of your mind. And having a notebook specifically and beautifully made for this process will also make things easier. Good luck!

Sticker featuring a digital illustration of a purple sub-machine gun, surrounded by a banner that says DPS Main. Artwork by Jessica Amber 2018.
Sticker featuring a digital illustration of a purple sub-machine gun, surrounded by a banner that says DPS Main. Artwork by Jessica Amber 2018.

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