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2020 Illustration of a blonde girl's face, with a sullen expression. Underneath text says 'Resting bitch face'. Art by Jessica Amber

Artwork Details


Resting Bitch Face

Date:30 November 2020
Medium:Digital Art
Software:Vectornator App, Adobe Illustrator CC 2019


For the cute nostalgic girl who knows that her neutral expression looks a bit too close to pissed off, that is, she has a resting bitch face. Designed with inspiration from beloved 80s cartoons and toys like My Little Pony and Polly Pocket.

About This Artwork

This design draws on the popularity of retro nostalgia for cartoons of the 80s. I was at least partially inspired by the works of Steven Rhodes, who has so successfully made a brand out of subversive children’s book-style illustrations.

Black t-shirt featurning an illustration of children performing a satanic summoning. Art by Steven Rhodes
Let's Summon Demons by Steven Rhodes

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