Valentine’s Day was looming closer, and I was eager to get in on the Redbubble Partner Program. Of all the brands they are associated with, I was most familiar with Adventure Time. And there was one character that really stood out as being able to team with the Valentines Day theme.

This cartoon show features a character named Ricardio The Heart Guy. He is a sentient heart, and has an obsessive love for Princess Bubblegum. His boldly drawn face, and the fact that he is portrayed by George Takei, make him alluring in an evil way. I wanted to play around with the idea of a creepy Valentine, so I came up with the idea of him trying to be romantic but coming across as very off-putting.

The ‘completely consensual‘ phrase comes from a quote from the show. He is performing a massage on another princess during a party, and loudly announces to the other guests: “Stand back, everyone. This style of massage is called ‘Best Friend Massage’ because it can only be done for friends. It is completely consensual.”


Preliminary sketch