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2020 Artwork of a syringe filled with gold liquid. The syringe has large white wings, a halo, and a banner wrapped around it that says Support Legend. By Jessica Amber

Artwork Details

Title:Support Legend
Date:10 February 2020
Medium:Digital Art
Software:Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
Windows PC, mouse and keyboard


You’re not just a Support Main. You’re a Support Legend! You’re a god when it comes to keeping your team alive. A great design for gamers who love playing characters like Mercy in Overwatch or Soraka in League of Legends.

About This Artwork

Preliminary sketches of Support Legend, by Jessica Amber 2020
Support Legend preliminary sketches

After the huge success my Support Main design had on Redbubble, I was eager to build upon the concept of a syringe being the symbol for a healer. What else could I do with this concept? I needed to make it bigger and better, something that really felt like the next stop up from the previous design.

Some of my original sketches for Support Main had wings. That was something I decided to incorporate into this version. And the wings conjured up more angelic symbology, like the halo. I also added plenty of sparkles, and made the banner design more intricate.

Black and White Version

After the normal version of Support Main was created, I decided I wanted to make a monochromatic version as well, in case anyone wanted to use it as a colouring-in-page type design.

2020 Artwork of a syringe in black and white, with large white wings, a halo, and a banner wrapped around it that says Support Legend. Artwork by Jessica Amber

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