​One of my favourite passtimes is to watch funny television clips on YouTube. One source that never fails to put a smile on my face is Conan O’Brien. From wearing freaky Japanese street fashions, to escorting a possessed-looking doll to a restaurant, he is endlessly entertaining. One of my favourite Coco clips is when he tries being a Mary Kay salesman. He’s not afraid to put on some of the makeup and make a creepy fool of himself for the amusement of his would-be clients, or the audience. At one point, he stands outside the client’s house [again, wearing badly-applied, frightening makeup], looks in through the window, and moans, “Why can’t I come to the party?” It gives off Stephen King or The Ring vibes to me.

In 2020, Redbubble introduced a partner program. You can create fan-art and, if approved by the partner in question, legally sell it on the site. Among more conventional partners, I was thrilled to see that Conan was on the list! So, how could I adapt Coco for products?

My idea was to take the haunting moment depicted above, and turn it into a horror movie poster! I drew inspiration from the iconic film posters of the 1940s. In particular, the Boris Karloff film The Body Snatcher, starring Bela Lugosi. I appreciate the style of this piece, back when posters were hand-painted. The sickly green tone, the sharp shadows, and of course, the bold, horrifying fonts.