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2020 Three people each wearing a slogan t-shirt with a word in a drippy font. Shirts read, from left to right, 'creep', 'witch' and 'weirdo'. Art by JessicaAmber.

Artwork Details

Title:Dripping Text Collectipm
Date:18 January 2020
Medium:Digital Art
Software:Inkpad app


A 90s throwback, the word ‘Creep​’ in a dripping font. We are reclaiming that word that was once used for bullying. Now we are proud to be weird and strange. Our hobbies, our music, our fashions may be a little bit creepy, but damn it, we like it! Perfect for the alternative teen in your life. If you would like to see this design in a different colour, please send me a message!

About This Artwork

I was attending Supanova Sydney, a comic book and superhero convention, in 2019. While there, I purchased a necklace that said ‘creep’ in a drippy font.  This was inspiring to me. I wanted to put similar lettering on a bunch of products. So this collection was born.
There are three designs in this collection: Creep, Weirdo and Witch.