This is a template that you can use to make great Ko-Fi product preview images.

Ko-fi recommends using images that are 1200×600, but this results in heavy cropping. I’ve optimised this template to use the image ratio that is actually displayed on a product page – 512 x 400px. I’ve doubled the dimensions for higher quality – 1024 x 800px. And I’ve added markings to show the areas that are cropped or covered at various times on the website:

Green: always visibleĀ 
Red: Cropped on Shop page, visible on product page
Blue: Buttons for navigating left and right on the product page
Purple: Pagination on the product page
Yellow: Icons on the home page

Comes in 2 formats:

  • Layered PSD, made using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 but saved for Maximised Compatibility. The guide text, and coloured areas, are all on separate layers to aid your work
  • Transparent PNG, which you can import into any software that supports image layers. Put it over your art, adjust your art, then delete the guide layer.

Both files come compressed in a .zip folder, which you’ll need to unzip to access the files.

These files can be yours for as little as $1. Now being sold on my Ko-Fi store.