Tushugger Chair in 22 Colours for The Sims 2


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22 recolours of the Tushugger chair from The Sims 2 University expansion pack. 9 neon colours from Pooklet’s Project Mayhem colour actions, and 12 from CuriousB’s Any Colour You Want actions.

  • 10 Pooklet Colours: C4 Orange, Detonator Blue, Hangfire Green, Napalm Blue, Nitro Green, Nuclear Yellow, Toxicity Purple, Unstable Pink, Flammable Red, Volatile Blonde
  • 12 CuriousB colours: Adonis Blue, Custard, Dove, Gypsy Rose, Jet, Kingfisher, Mango, Milk, Poppy, Seal, Spring Leaf, White
  • Compressorized


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