How to Get +1400 SECRET Redbubble Product Pics

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How to Get +1400 SECRET Redbubble Product Pics
​What if you could get over 1400 DIFFERENT promotional pictures of Redbubble's Classic t-shirt? Learn how with URL editing in this blog post...

Last edited 22 October 2021


Screenshot of 7 promotional images for Redbubble Classic t-shirts, featuring artwork 'Lost in the Simulation; by JessicaAmber

If you’re a Redbubble artist, you’re probably familiar with the Promote Artwork screen, where you can share and save pictures of your art on many different products. For classic t-shirts, Redbubble gives you 7 images to pick from. That’s pretty good. 

But what if I told you that you could get OVER 1400 different pictures of the same t-shirt? It’s crazy but I promise this isn’t clickbait. All you have to do is learn how to edit the image URLs to access these hidden images.

Disclaimer: I’ve only worked out this method for classic t-shirts, your results will vary with other products.
(I may put out guides for those later).
I can’t promise these images will always be available, since I don’t control Redbubble’s back-end.
And I’ll be using the Edge web browser on desktop PC, it should work the same on Chrome and Firefox, but won’t work on mobile devices.

Video Tutorial

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About Image URLs

Every Redbubble image has a URL, that where it is saved on their servers. The URL is made of lots of different parts. We can edit some of those parts, to load different versions of the image. Let’s look at the following URL, and break it down into parts.

The URL:,classic_tee,mens,e5d6c5:f62bbf65ee,front_alt,tall_three_quarter,1000×1000.jpg
This tells us where the image is saved, server-wise. We don’t need to touch this part.
This part is the unique identifying number that every artwork on Redbubble is automatically assigned. I’m not gonna cover this in this tutorial, but by the end you’ll probably figure out how to change this.
This part identifies what product we’re looking at. We aren’t gonna touch this part.
This part tells us who the model is. We WILL be editing this part.
This is the t-shirt colour code. Redbubble currently has 17 different fabric colours for classic t-shirts, each with a unique number. We will be editing this number.
This refers to what view, or side, of the model we are looking at. We will be editing this part.
This is the zoom and crop of the image – what portion of the model is visible. We will be editing this part.
This is the file dimensions in pixels. We will be editing this part.
This is the file extension. Yes, we can even edit this!
Now that we have identified all the parts, let’s start playing with them!

Change T-Shirt Colour

On Redbubble, after you’re logged in, go to Manage Portfolio, then click the cog next to your chosen artwork and select Promote Products I’m working with my ‘Lost in the Simulation‘ artwork. 
Screenshot of Redbubble's Share Your Work page, featuring artwork 'Lost in the Simulation; by JessicaAmber

​Scroll down to the Classic T-Shirt, click the three dots under it, and choose Download Images.

Screenshot of promotional image for Redbubble Classic t-shirt, featuring artwork 'Lost in the Simulation; by JessicaAmber. Dropdown menu has 'Download Images' selected.

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Screenshot of 7 promotional images for Redbubble Classic t-shirts, featuring artwork 'Lost in the Simulation; by JessicaAmber

Scroll to the female front view, right click on the image and choose Open Image in New Tab. Then, go to the new tab. 

Screenshot of woman wearing 'Lost in the Simulation' design on a beige classic t-shirt, with a long URL above.

Now look at the URL above the image. Can you see the colour code we talked about before? I’ll type the URL below.,classic_tee,womens,e5d6c5:f62bbf65ee,front_alt,tall_three_quarter,1000×1000.jpg

The colour code is e5d6c5:f62bbf65ee, which is used for oatmeal beige.

Here’s a list of all the colour codes for classic t-shirts:







Heather Grey


Denim Heather






Light Blue


Oatmeal (beige)




Dark Grey




Army (green)


Dark Red










Let’s copy the code for black and paste it into the URL.

New URL:,classic_tee,womens,101010:01c5ca27c6,front_alt,tall_three_quarter,1000×1000.jpg

Then hit Enter in the browser, and the new image will load

Screenshot of woman wearing 'Lost in the Simulation' design on a black classic t-shirt, with a long URL above.

Saving Images Fast

Now that we have our new image file, let’s save it to the PC. Normally most people right-click and Save As for images. But I found an even faster method.

First, reduce the size of your browser window, so you can also see the desktop behind it.

Screenshot of woman wearing 'Lost in the Simulation' design on a black classic t-shirt, with the browser window only covering half the desktop.
Then, just drag the image directly onto the desktop, and let go of the mouse click on the desktop. 
Screenshot of product photo being dragged and saved directly to the desktop.
This makes saving images about 75% faster, which is good when you’re saving dozens of images.

Change The Model

I’ve found that there are four model options available:


This is just the t-shirt lying flat on the floor

Code: flatlay

Two Models

This is where the photo has a man and a woman together

Code: two-models


Photo with one man

Code: mens


Photo with one woman

Code: womens

So, what if you want a man modelling the shirt instead of a woman? So easy to do. Just choose the code for the model you want.
In this case, copy the code ‘mens‘ and paste it into the URL, replacing the code ‘womens’ (or just erase the ‘wo’ in ‘womens’), and hit Enter.

New URL:,classic_tee,mens,101010:01c5ca27c6,front_alt,tall_three_quarter,1000×1000.jpg

Screenshot of man wearing 'Lost in the Simulation' design on a black classic t-shirt, with a long URL above.

Change Model View

Time to change what side of the product we are looking at. There are six views available. 

  • front
  • font_alt
  • back
  • back_alt
  • side
  • side_front

Caveats: Side_front is not available for men, only women, and no there are side options available for flatlay, but the rest should work for all models.

We currently have front_alt in our URL. So we are seeing the front of the shirt on the model.


Want to change it so we see his back? Let’s copy ‘back_alt‘, replace ‘front_alt’ in the URL and see what happens.

New URL:,classic_tee,mens,101010:01c5ca27c6,back_alt,tall_three_quarter,1000×1000.jpg

Screenshot of man wearing 'Lost in the Simulation' design on the back of a black classic t-shirt, with a long URL above.

Change Image Crop

Here we can change how zoomed in or out the image is, and what orientation the image is (for example, portrait or landscape).

Here’s all the image crop codes that I have discovered so far:

  • square
  • square_three_quarter
  • square_product
  • tall_portrait
  • wide_portrait
  • tall_three_quarter
  • landscape
  • tall_landscape
  • wide_landscape
  • alt_crop
  • full

Caveats: Alt_crop is only available for  for womens side view.
Not every crop works with every model and view.

So, let’s say I want to see the male model’s back, but with more of the background, and still in portrait orientation. We’d use the Wide Portrait code.
So let’s copy ‘wide_portrait‘ and replace ‘tall_three_quarter’ in the URL.

New URL:,classic_tee,mens,101010:01c5ca27c6,back_alt,wide_portrait,1000×1000.jpg

Screenshot of man wearing 'Lost in the Simulation' design on the back of a black classic t-shirt, in a big empty white room, with a long URL above.

Change Pixel Dimensions

By default, images from Redbubble come out at around 1000px on the longest side. But you can make this number smaller, if you need smaller, lighter files. Or – and this was probably my most awesome discovery – you can make the files bigger! The largest size I was able to acquire was 2400px on longest side.

To change the size of our current image, replace the last numbers with 2400×2400.

New URL:,classic_tee,mens,101010:01c5ca27c6,back_alt,wide_portrait,2400×2400.jpg

Screenshot of men's t-shirt product photo being dragged and saved directly to the desktop. The file has a dialog box showing its dimensions are 1800x2400px.

The file will automatically adjust to keep the right image ratio, so you don’t need to remember any other numbers. See in the above example, because the file was in a portrait orientation (due to the  ‘wide_portrait’ code), it automatically adjusted to make the shorter side 1800px, and the longer side 2400px.

Now you can have some great high definition files for self-promotions.

Change File Extension

By default, Redbubble serves product images in .jpg format. But if you need something lossless, you can change the extension to .png. You cannot change it to .bmp.

To change the extension, just replace the jpg at the end with png

New URL:,classic_tee,mens,101010:01c5ca27c6,back_alt,wide_portrait,2400×2400.png

Does That Really Make 1400 Different Images?

When I combine all the valid models, views, and crops for this product, there are 83 files (so far, I’m finding new combinations every day). Here’s a photo of all 83 of those options in one folder.
Screenshot of a Windows Explorer window with 83 photos of the same t-shirt with different models, zooming and cropping.
Multiply that by the 17 shirt colours available, and you get 1411 unique images. That is amazing! And that doesn’t even factor in different file extensions and pixel dimensions.
Edit 22/1/21: I’m now upto 95 views * 17 colours = 1615 combinations


Now you have all the tools you need to save hundreds of product photos to promote your Redbubble products.
Any URL discoveries you’ve made that I’ve missed? Leave them in the comments below. And thanks for reading 🙂

​Peace, love and sunshine,

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