Redbubble Baseball Cap Template

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Redbubble Baseball Cap Template
Here's all the news about Redbubble's latest product - two types of baseball caps! And an easy-to-use Photoshop template to plan your layouts.

Edited 30/7/21 to refer to Redbubble blog post.
Edited 31/7/21 to mention publishing.

On 16 July 2021, I logged into Redbubble to edit an artwork, and was shocked to find a new product available. Baseball caps were to be offered by Redbubble, in two variants:

  1. A standard baseball cap, and
  2. a ‘Dad cap’

They are now available for sale. There is a blog post released by Redbubble here with details about them.


Artwork Specifications


Your artwork will need to be at least 2040 x 1140 px @300 DPI for this product.

Cap Colours

Here are the background colours that will be used for each of the types of caps, in hexadecimal format:

Baseball Caps

Black: #000000
Dark Grey: #777A77
Light Grey: #B7B4B8
Navy: #161D36

Dad Hats

Black: #000000
White: #FFFDF5
Beige: #E3DDCC
Slate Grey: #4C5361
Navy: #1A2336

Cap Template

I made a quick template for the new product. It was pretty simple, since the printable area on the caps is just a wide rectangle.

Template comes as a .PSD file with the aforementioned specifications, and the various background colours as separate layers. I’ve also includes guides at the halfway marks horizontally and vertically, to make centering your artwork easier.

File is 1.46MB, compressed in a .zip file that’s  10.6kb

Screenshot of Photoshop with JessicaAmber's baseball cap template opened, and the layer window visisble
Redbubble Baseball Cap Template open in Photoshop

Template In Use

Here’s an example of me using this template. So I have an artwork called “Don’t Torture Yourself Darling …That’s MY Job”, featuring a silhouette of a man with a provocative quote. It’s a good design for vertically-oriented products like posters, but would not be suitable for this landscape-oriented product.

2019 Illustration of dark male silhouette, standing confidently, while holding a flogger. Grungy serif text on him reads 'Don't torture yourself darling...thats my job'. Art by JessicaAmber.

So I took the text and rearranged it in the template, utilising all the horizontal space.

Here’s how the design looks on the cap. I think it looks much better than if I’d just put the silhouette figure in the middle. The text is nice and large, so it will be legible even in small thumbnails of this product.


As at 31 July 2021, 11.20am AEST, there were already 3,686 hats available. Fast forward to 13 June 2022, and it’s gone up to 16,983 hats. So start enabling this design as soon as possible!
Need more templates? Be sure to check out my Product Template Masterpost. And if you need any help, just leave a comment below.

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