Redbubble Templates: Throw Blankets & Wall Tapestries

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Redbubble Templates: Throw Blankets & Wall Tapestries
An easy-to-use, FREE template for making your Redbubble designs fit onto blankets and tapestries. Template created by JessicaAmber, available as PNG and PSD.


​Redbubble has been quite helpful in offering Photoshop templates for several of its products. But not every product has been lucky enough to get a template. Blankets and wall tapestries, for example, do not have an official template. So I decided to make my own, and share it with the community.

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Making Of The Template

One image, and therefore one template, is used for both blankets and wall tapestries in Redbubble.

This template is based on the guideline overlay you see when you upload a new artwork to Redbubble.

Screenshot of Redbubble upload page for throw blankets and wall tapestries

I imported a screenshot of this image into Photoshop and scaled it up to Redbubble’s recommended dimensions of 7632 by 6480 pixels. I then made the zones different colours and clearly labelled them.

Here is the document I created.​

Template for creating Redbubble throw blankets and wall tapestries. Safe area is yellow, bleed area is red

The .PNG is semi-transparent so you can just import it as a layer above your existing art. If it’s in the yellow area, it will definitely be safe, but red areas may get trimmed, so don’t put anything important there.

The PSD file has the guidelines on a separate layer, in a separate folder, that you can enable and disable as needed.

Template previews

Throw Blanket

Redbubble auto-generated mockup of how one of their blankets would look on a bed, using my template
Redbubble auto-generated mockup of the three sizes of blankets, using my template

As you can see, the small blanket shows only the yellow area, the safe print area. The medium and large sizes both show some of the red bleed area. The blankets are not all the same ratio, so the amount of the red area used differs.

Wall Tapestries

All three sizes of tapestry have the same size ratio. Most of the image will be visible, except a tiny bit off the top and bottom edges, and slightly more on the left and right edges.

Redbubble auto-generated mockup of the large wall tapestry, using my template
Large Tapestry
Redbubble auto-generated mockup of the medium wall tapestry, using my template
Medium Tapestry
Redbubble auto-generated mockup of the small wall tapestry, using my template
Small Tapestry

I successfully used this template to make this ‘Let’s Talk To Spirits‘ ouiji board blanket.


I hope that this template will help you make bigger and better blankets and tapestries for Redbubble. If you liked this content, consider buying me a Ko-Fi to support this blog.

And if you have any questions, or suggestions for another template you desperately need, leave a comment below!

Peace, love & sunshine,

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