Redbubble Duvet Cover Template Free Download

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Redbubble Duvet Cover Template Free Download
Want to optimise your art to suit Redbubble's duvet covers? Make your job easy with this free template!


Currently, when uploading art to Redbubble, you can’t actually see what your item will look like on duvet covers until after you’ve submitted it. To help you make the best possible print-on-demand products, I’ve designed a template for Redbubble’s twin, queen and king sized duvet covers.

Why Do I Need A Template?

To illustrate why a template is useful, let’s look at an artwork of mine,’Best Budgies’. I used what I thought was a good image file – large, fills the canvas, etc.

Digital art of two budgies snuggled together, with the heading 'best budgies'

Now let’s see how it looks on the smallest bedspread.

Pink duvet cover featuring two budgies snuggled together, with the heading 'best budgies'

On the twin duvet, the title is cut off on both sides, making it unreadable. It also doesn’t let you see the full budgie image. Considering this artwork is directed at kids, who are most likely to have a twin size bed, this design needs to optimised for twin beds better.

The Template

Image with several colorful rectangles, representing different sizes of duvet covers

Here is the template file I’ll be using. You can download this image  by right-clicking and selecting Save. It defines roughly what parts of the image file are used for what size of bedding. The reason the edges are so bumpy is because I used Redbubble’s product photos as a guide. The red area is for the top of a twin duvet, the red and orange together is for the top of a queen duvet, and red+orange+light blue is for the top of a king duvet. (you still need to fill in the rest of the canvas to cover what will be on the rest of the duvet, the parts that hang off the side of the bed.)

Import this template into your image editing software, and lower the opacity. You’ll see what parts of your design will appear on the previews of the three sizes of duvet covers. Oh, and delete the template when you’re done editing.

The most important size of duvet to optimise is the Twin duvet cover, because that is the one that Redbubble uses in all its product previews.

I use the template as a guide, I’ll make the necessary adjustments to my file – scaling down the birds and the text. keeping them within the red area.

Budgie artwork being scaled in a photoshop document according to a template

Let’s see how the resized art looks on the twin duvet…

It looks good! Changing the scale of the title and the birds separately allowed both to be at the right size for the duvet cover.

Additionally, I simplified the background pattern to make it less distracting. I also changed the background colour to better match the birds themselves.


I hope you have found this article helpful, and will be able to use the template to make awesome duvets for Redbubble. If there are other products you really want a template for, leave a comment and I’ll get on it!
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