Redbubble Fitted Mask Template Fixed

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Redbubble Fitted Mask Template Fixed
Redbubble's fitted mask template was released at the incorrect dimensions. Download this fixed template for free, to create art at the right size.

Redbubble's Template

Old Redbubble fitted mask template with incorrect file dimensions

On October 2020, Redbubble released fitted masks for sale. This is the template Redbubble released for fitted masks. Right there on the image, it tells us that the right dimensions for this product are 2716 x 1972px.

However, when you download the file and look at its dimensions, they are different. The file itself is 2048 x 1487px. So if you create art on the template, it will be too small for upload.

Additionally, the file was in Greyscale mode. It would make much more sense to be in RGB mode, as most other Redbubble templates are.

Fixed Template

I fixed the Redbubble template by resizing it and converting it to RGB color mode. Download it below.

If you want a cute fitted mask for yourself, check out this Kitsune Mask design on my Redbubble store.

Fitted face mask with a white and red kitsune fox face


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