Society6 Carry-All Pouch Template

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Society6 Carry-All Pouch Template
Download this FREE template in .PNG and .PSD format to help your print-on-demand products look their best. More Society6 templates available here!

Disclaimer: I can’t verify that this template will work perfectly with printed products from Society6. I am basing my templates purely off the preview images provided on their website.


Carry-all pouches are one of many, many Society6 products that do not have a template available. And I felt like I needed one to make products that look professional, so I made this, and I’m sharing it with the community so everyone can have good-looking products.

Why Do I Need A Template?

Because if you just use the guidelines in the uploader, you artwork will not look right! Let me give an example. Here is how my Support Legend artwork looked when in the Artist Studio upload page for carry-all pouches…

It looks nice, centred on the product, all good. But what happens when I go back to the Artist Studio for all products?

The artwork has been unexpectedly cropped. Now the bottom of the syringe is cut off.

This is how your product will look in Society6’s store too.

I think this is happening because the template within the Artist Studio is based on the large pouch, but the default product view in Society6’s store is the small pouch.

Using a template will help you make sure the artwork you upload will display as you want it to: propertly aligned and at the right scale to as to not be cropped.

How I Made The Template

I copied my artwork onto a canvas to Society6’s specifications (4600 x 3000 px, 300dpi). I then copied pictures of each size of pouch (small, medium and large), scaled them so the artworks aligned, then drew a rectangle around each pouch to determine what areas would get cut off.

Small Pouch


Medium Pouch


Large Pouch


Safe Area


Does This Template Work?

Well, here is how my Support Legend design looked after using the template to ensure no areas would be cut off…

Small Pouch


Medium Pouch


Large Pouch


Safe Area


I know it isn’t perfect. It would look better if they allowed us to upload different files for each pouch size, or if the pouches were all in the same scale, but I digress.
I believe that this template is as good a job as I can do within the constraints of Society6’s dimensions and upload procedures.

Download the Template

PNG Version

Template for making different sized zipper pouches on Society6

How To Use Template

Right click the image and save it to your computer.

I recommend importing this template into your art software that is able to use layers.
  1. Set it as the top layer and change the opacity to 50%.
  2. Put your art in layer(s) underneath the template later.
  3. Adjust your art as necessary, trying to keep within the green zone, but making sure art covers whole template so you don’t have unappealing white edges showing.
  4. Disable / delete the template layer.
  5. Save and upload your artwork.

PSD Version

This version is for use in Adobe Photoshop. The guidelines are in a folder that you can enable and disable as needed. The template was made using Photoshop CC 2019, and saved in Compatability Mode to hopefully work with most versions of Photoshop.

The PSD is 5.76MB, compressed into a 323KB .zip file. Unzip the file before use.


I hope this template will prove useful to you. I’ve only gotten back into using Society6 these last couple of days (I’m mostly a Redbubble user), and it was disappointing to me that so few good templates existed for Redbubble products. If there’s a particular product you’d like a template for, leave a comment below.

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