Which Print-On-Demand Site Gets The Most Searches?

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Which Print-On-Demand Site Gets The Most Searches?
How do you pick which print on demand store to sell art on? Choose the ones people are searching for the most! I'll list them and reveal my sales $$ on each.


If you are anything like me, you want to make more money without heaps of hard work. A set-it-and-forget-it sort of deal. Well, print-on-demand websites might just be the thing to scratch your passive income itch! Simply upload your amazing artwork, and these lovely sites will handle almost everything else, from manufacturing to shipping. Some even do great advertising work for you, giving you even MORE time to just put your feet up and bask in those cheques rolling in.
I currently have uploaded art to at least 5 different print-on-demand websites, with widely varying degrees of monetary success. (It’s probably better to focus on uploading to just one or two sites) You do need to put in the effort to make sure your artwork suits the particular dimensions and formats that each site handles differently.

Tell Me What Sites To Use!

I’ll do you one better. I’ve installed a super helpful browser extension called Keywords Everywhere, that tells you important info about browser searches, like the Search Volume (the average amount of searches for that keyword phrase per month over the last 12 months), the Cost per Click (the amount that advertisers are paying for 1 click of this keyword in Google adwords), and Competition (a gauge of the number of advertisers that are running ads on Google adwords for this specific keyword). We are gonna mainly consider the  Search Volume for this article, because we are concerned with what users are doing. 

I’ve researched 11 of the most popular Print-On-Demand websites around (as at July 2019), and have compared the Search Volume for their name in Google. We can use this info to see which site is getting searched for the most… which means more eyeballs on the site, and potentially more sales for you!
Take all this info with a grain of salt. Make sure the aesthetic of the site suits what artwork you want to upload. And have fun!

​At the bottom of our list we have SunFrog, bringing in a paltry 12,100 searches per month.
I have never used this particular website but the name is cute.

TeeFury comes in tenth place with 33,100 searches per month.
I have tried a couple of times to submit art to TeeFury. Each artwork has to be approved, rather than the blanket approval offered by sites like Redbubble and Threadless. And sadly, they have not accepted any of my art yet. You have to be really good to meet their standards.

Next on the list is Teespring, which gets 48,000 searches per month.

My Teespring store has not generated any sales.

​In 8th place is a store I have some big love for, Threadless. At 60,500 searches per month they’re doing alright.

Got to say I love the design competitions they have running all the time​ because they’re a great idea and creativity generator! And my store has generated about $100 in two years of activity.

Number seven, with an appropriate ​77,000 searches per month, is Society6. One thing I really love about this site is the weird and wonderful range of products they have. Where else can you get a custom printed credenza?
I have made a few dollars from Society6, including affiliate links, so tif you have a blog and can promote others art, that may be an option to consider.

Following the trend of ‘print on demand sites must have a tshirt in the title’ is Teepublic, with its solid 90,500 searches per month.
My Teepublic store has not generated any sales yet.

Now we’re into our top five, peoples! Here’s the ones you really need to consider.
At number 5 we have Design By Humans with 90,500 searches per month.
I have not used this site or made an account.

At 110,000 searches per month, CafePress proves that a company that started in the last century can still kill it in the 21st Century.

This is one another I have not used or made an account on, so I can’t say much about its quality.

Bronze medalist in this countdown is Spreadshirt with a beefy 301,000 searches per month.
I have a Spreadshirt store but have not made any sales from it.

Second place goes to Zazzle’s impressive 368,000 searches per month. I’ve used Zazzle a bit, and made a few dollars of sales.

Sound the trumpets! Launch the confetti rockets! Redbubble is our winner with 1,220,000 searches per month. One point two million! That’s gotta be a lot of eyeballs on your art!

I’m glad this research confirms my suspicions, that I’m totally using the right site for me and my artwork to get exposure. Redbubble’s advertising is everywhere, their upload process is as smooth as butter, and I’m making good money from product sales.

From 2018-2021 I have made $2,362.80 from Redbubble so I can say with certainty that it’s the best Print on Demand site if your art style is anything like mine (check out my Gallery 😉 )


Has this article brought to your attention a PoD site you didn’t know about before? Do you use a site unmentioned here that deserves more recognition? Leave a big old comment below!

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