Zazzle’s Superstars: Inspirational Platinum-Tier Sellers

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Zazzle’s Superstars: Inspirational Platinum-Tier Sellers
Be inspired by these amazing Zazzle artists and designers, who have each made over $250,000 in royalties from product sales!


Welcome to another blog post celebrating the high level achievers in the Zazzle community. This post is specifically for Platinum tier sellers – those who have made between $250,000 and $500,000 USD in royalties – money they are taking home, not just ‘sales’ numbers – over the account’s lifetime. I love collecting info about these high-level achievers, because they help me believe that my dream is possible – to be making a living income from my artistic pursuits, including print on demand.

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Take a look at these platinum-level sellers below. Maybe you’ll get inspired to make your first Zazzle store, or get an idea for a secondary store in a new and interesting niche!

Zazzle Platinum Level Sellers

Photo of a smiling woman
Photo of a smiling woman


I hope you’ve found these sellers’ stores to be inspirational! I will add more sellers to this post in the future. And if you want to suggest a seller to add to the list, just leave a comment below!

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