Be Inspired By These Zazzle Diamond-Tier Stores

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Be Inspired By These Zazzle Diamond-Tier Stores
These Zazzle sellers are the best of the best. Get motivated to improve your store by seeing what the top sellers are doing in this blog post by JessicaAmber.


One of the best things about the Zazzle marketplace as a designer is that sales levels are visible right on the store’s page. You can see at a glance how successful a store is by a label under the store owner’s head. Zazzle has 6 levels based on royalties earned – the money that goes into your account. Following are in US dollars:

  • Pro: $1,00 +
  • Bronze: $1,000 +
  • Silver: $25,000 +
  • Gold: $100,000 +
  • Platinum: $250,000 +
  • Diamond: $500,000 +

I’ve made this blog post to show you the best of the best – diamond-level Redbubble sellers! You can be inspired by their ability to make a liveable income in print on demand. You can get ideas for how you want your store to look, what to sell etc. (Don’t just copy their designs though! Try and be original, find a new niche or do something that stands out from the crowd).

Note: Pro status is based on account, not store. So if Seller X has 3 stores, and Diamond status, you can’t tell from a glance which store is the most popular one. But you can look at their product listings and see if any are marked as Editors’ Picks. These are designs Zazzle has singled out as being a high-quality or top-selling design.

List last updated 2 Feb 2023

Diamond Level Zazzle Sellers

Metallic, opulent invitations.
49 stores!!!


I hope you have found an artist to inspire you here! If you are a Diamond level seller who wants to be featured, or know of other sellers to add to this list, please leave a comment below and I’ll add them.

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