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2017 Pencil drawing of a team of six fantasy characters. Art by JessicaAmber

Artwork Details

Title: Dungeons and Dragons Squad
Date: 2016-2017
Medium: Graphite Pencil on Paper
Software: Adobe Photoshop


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About This Artwork

This is a set of commissions for a friend’s Dungeons and Dragons group. I received instructions for each character, and despite having not played the game myself at the time of the commission, I was able to create drawings that satisfied the brief.

Alice the Half Elf Ranger

Pencil drawing of a female half elf holding a lightning hammer. Art by JessicaAmber 2016


Half – elven with human facial features but with pointed or more rounded ears than normal. Reasonably high cheekbones (but not ones that stick out super far) and a oval shaped face with a defined jawline, but a rounded chin (not pointed). One eye dark brown (almost black looking) and one ocean blue eye.

Curly sun Streaked brunette hair pulled into a high ponytail, mid length. And a silver eleven headpiece that curves to a point between the eyebrows and is worn on the forehead with an aquamarine stone in the centre. Accompanied by a crystal necklace (reference photo).
Rather tall and lean for a girl, quite tanned from being out in the sun (olive skin tone) but at the same time muscular and well built.

Wearing light chain-mail looking armour around mostly chest and arms. Not very dangly as I am a half-elven ranger character and need to appear sneaky. With a green cloak over the top. Holding a two handed hammer of thunderbolts (sort of like Thor’s hammer) and gauntlets around arms/hands (as I gauntlets of ogre strength) with a long bow & arrows/quiver slung over one shoulder.

Brown utility belt with a sword in its sheath and the hilt at her hip as well as health potions strapped in one side.

Knee – high leather lace up brown boots with brown pants on legs.

Aurelius the Half Dark Elf Thief

Pencil drawing of a half drow elf with a sword. Art by JessicaAmber 2016


A half drow/dark elf, half fairy elf/normal elf. Due to this his skin is a greyish purplish colour instead of pitch black because fairly Elves are usuall light skin and the mixture of these genetics lightened his skin colour. His face is virtually perfect as most elves are extremely attractive he has a strong but not to masculine well defined jaw line.
He has long white hair which is due to his drow blood that he often wears back in a low pony tail. He uses a long piece of cloth that was used as a blind fold when he was exiled from his village at a young age. His ears are pointy enough to be always sticking out of his hair. His eyes are a light shade of purple
His body type is athletic but not overly muscular.

For clothing he wears a leather tunic he obtained from a leader of a band of drow bandits with matching braces and boots. On top of this he wears a drow cloak that he obtained in is travels which is a dark green with white fur and a hood which I don’t want him wearing in the picture. He also wears a necklace with the rune for protection/support given to him by his late lover Jaxson before he died

For his weapons he mainly wields a light sword and a dagger than can be extended into a sword

Oh and for personality Aurelius is quite the flirt


Jaxson the Half Elf Druid

Pencil drawing of a druid half-e;f with a magic staff. Art by JessicaAmber 2016


Well Jaxson did die young for a human he was in his 40’s and was killed in battle

he could have my hairstyle, a Shoulder pad for a Bat to sit on (and maybe some bats in the background?) and an axe like the green one in my hand instead of the spell that’s my appearance down.
If I could have my head tilted sort of like Alyssa’s [Alice’s] but with an evil glint like I’m about to ask the Dungeon Master if I can bend another rule.

Also if I could have a bow and quiver on my back aswell


The Gnome Mage

Pencil drawing of a gnome wizard with a magic tome. Art by JessicaAmber 2016


  • he’s a gnome, so he needs a gnomish nose; kind of big and bulbous.
  • he’s a wizard so clothes not armour, also no hat, I’m not a hatty kind of wizard
  • no wizard worth his salt would be caught without his wands, so I’m thinking leather belt around his waist(maybe two) with loops to hold his three wands(fireball, light, gnarled stick) and various pouches.
  • semi-practical things are a trade mark so I reckon a thick leather strap from right shoulder to left hip with sheathed dagger(with ROFL on the scabbard) some pouches(slightly rectangular) and scrolls in loops
  • he needs plenty of storage space so a leather satchel hung from left shoulder to right hip(crosses utility belt thing), should be bursting with scrolls and other oddities
  • as a mage he will need his grimoire, I reckon he should be posed with left hand out, bent as if holding a book with the grimoire floating open above his hand. As the grimoire is normally chained shut behind him on his left hip; a chain should be seen trailing from behind him, wrapped around his left forearm, leading up to the grimoire, there should also be shards of the chain floating around the grimoire. To finish off this stance he should have his right hand raised as if casting a spell
  • finally, and most importantly, he must have an epic beard worthy of even the greatest of wizards

The Dungeon Master

Pencil drawing of a hooded floating man. Art by JessicaAmber 2016


Long monk robe that has a deep hood arms covered completely when wanted with it but can reach out to uncover hands and play with his puppets

preferably hovering above the others with the only things you can see in the hood is two blue eyes and a flicked over fringe