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2020 Face mask with a cartoonish budgie beak. The beak has a blue cere. The face has black and white feathers. Art by JessicaAmber

Artwork Details


Budgie Beak Masks


8-10 May 2020

Medium: DigitalArt
Software:Procreate App


This mask features the beak and cheek feathers of a budgie. It will help keep your spirits up during these trying times. Great gift for kids and bird lovers.

About This Artwork

As soon as masks were announced as an upcoming new product for Redbubble, I was determined to make some good designs for them. After my Kitsune Mask design became successful, I knew that cartoonish animals were a good niche to go for.

I have a couple of pet budgies, so that inspired me to try a budgie face mask. I made the design in four colours. Two feather colours, yellow and white. And two cere (aka nose) colours, blue and pink, for boys and girls.

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