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2020 Face mask featuring a Japanese kitsune fox design. White background, black nose and red decorative lines. Art by Jessica Amber.

Artwork Details

Title:Kitsune Mask
Date:April 2020
Medium:Digital Art
Software:Procreate App
  • iPad Pro 9.7″

  • Apple Pencil


This mask is based on the kitsune, or Japanese fox, as they are often drawn on masks. May it bless you with shapeshifting, commerce and prosperity.

About This Artwork

Navy phone case with art of a white kitsune fox, flowers, and bells
"Fox Spirit Kitsune" Phone Case by Merih on Redbubble

My sister is a a fan of Japanese culture. She spends hours every day revising her WaniKani app, her Anki flashcards, etc etc. And being so close to my sister, her interest rubbed off on me. Some of Japanese culture is so beautiful and fascinating to me [compared to my own cut-off white bread heritage].

One aspect that is particularly interesting to me is the myth of the kitsune. They are foxes that are particularly smart and have magical powers like shapeshifting. The foxes are snow white with bright red markings. Artworks of those creatures are almost always very beautiful. For example, this phone case by Merih. I already loved foxes, so this was right up my alley.

Redbubble, at the time, had just introduced masks, I had to get in on the fresh market. I noticed that, in a short space of time, a lot of animal designs had already appeared, but they tended towards realism and CG, not so much the minimalistic cartoony style that I guess you could say is ‘my style’. So I whipped this up in like, ten minutes on my iPad, and wouldn’t you know, it was a hit!

I followed this design with my Budgie Beak Masks.

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