Free Redbubble Sticker Tester

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Free Redbubble Sticker Tester
Wanna make sure your sticker sheets will look good on Redbubble? Download my free PSD file to test them in Photoshop.


So, you’ve decided to make sticker sheets to sell on Redbubble. Excellent! You’ve made a design that looks really good in Photoshop, ready to upload.


Support Main Sticker Pack by JessicaAmber

But once you publish it on Redbubble, and look at your small sticker in the store, something has gone wrong.


Some of the stickers have their white border intersecting! That means the buyer would have to cut them to separate them, which is not what you want from a professional product.

How can we prevent this from happening? With my brand new sticker tester!

How Does It Work?

In this PSD file I’ve created, there are 4 folders. Each folder applies a different sized white stroke to the art within the folder. These strokes are a match to the white stroke that you see on the product photos, different thicknesses for each sticker size.

All you have to do is drop your art in the folder and see if the white strokes intersect, and adjust your art as necessary.

I’ll give you a demonstration below.


Tester in Action

So I’ll open the PSD file in Photoshop. Then, I’ll take the PNG file of my Support Main Sticker Sheet, and drag and drop it from Windows into the PSD. Then I’ll drag it into the Small Sticker folder.

(It doesn’t matter that the white stokes are getting cropped on the edges of the canvas. It will not be cropped in Redbubble).

I can see that the plus sign on the left, and the banner, will end up intersecting. So to fix that I can edit my main file, resize that plus sign to be smaller, and test it again.

Yes, now none of the white strokes are intersecting, so it will work well as a Redbubble sticker sheet.

Make sure to test the art on all 4 sticker sizes by dragging it into each of the 4 folders.


I hope this template will help you make awesome Redbubble sticker sheets. If you need any help, leave a comment below.

Peace, love and sunshine,

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