Redbubble Removes Artist Journal Entries

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Redbubble Removes Artist Journal Entries
Redbubble is removing its Journals feature, stripping the site of another way for artists to communicate. Here's what you need to know.


On 24 June I received the following email from Redbubble:

Dear JessicaAmber,

We have some important news about Journals and Writing. We will no longer be supporting Journals and Writing on Redbubble, and they will be removed from the site at the end of July.

This form of creative expression played an important part in the earlier life of Redbubble and we’d like to thank you for sharing your creativity in this way. We know for some of you this will be a disappointing change and we want to reassure you that it was made with a lot of thought about the impact.

We want Redbubble to be the best platform for artists to sell their work and this can mean making tough decisions on where to focus our resources. Over the years, Journals and Writing have taken more effort to maintain. Removing them will make it much easier to improve features like the uploader, or add new products.

We’ve prepared an FAQ to cover some questions in more detail. If you would like to share your thoughts with us, you can send us feedback via this link.

The Redbubble Team

The Journals will be removed at the end of July 2021, giving people a month to back up their old journals.

How Can We Preserve Journals?

If you know of any journal entries, copy their URL and add them to the Wayback Machine, a digital archive. That way, even if the original poster doesn’t make a backup, you’ll be able to revisit the pages.
I’m gonna post a list of pages I have archived below. Please leave a comment if you have an archived page for me to add to the list.

Archived Journals


Excel table with charts showing top sales by item and type
Old Illustrator screen showing a graphic of a yellow vector t-shirt, a swatches menu, and a layers menu

Where Else Can We Communicate?

What other channels are available for communicating with the Redbubble community? I’ve listed a few below. (All stats are accurate at time of writing, 25 June 2021).

There’s Reddit, for one. The group r/Redbubble has 13,000 members, but it’s mainly self-promotion. r/Redbubbles claims to be more tip based, but has less than 100 members and very few posts. And for more general print-on-demand tips, you might find some discussions on r/PassiveIncome.

On Facebook, RB have an official page for artitst to interact on, Redbubble Artists. It has 25,000 followers, and they post blog posts and news updates. But the comments section on any of these posts simply get flooded with people self promoting their art, which can feel obnoxious.

If you want places that are specifically for sharing/self promoting, try:


How do you feel about Journals and Writing being discontinued? Where do you plan on communicating about Redbubble in the future? If you have any community alternatives, please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list.

Until next time, 
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