How To Get Featured On Redbubble

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How To Get Featured On Redbubble
Just how famous do you need to be for Redbubble to put your art in their Found feed? I'll tell you everything I know in this blog post.

What Does Featured Mean?

Getting Featured or Found by Redbubble means that they want to show off an artwork you’ve uploaded to their website. They pick an artwork of yours on a specific product. They then put it up on the Redbubble homepage, as well as on the shop page for products you have enabled.
This is great for artists as it gets more people looking at your art. More eyeballs, more chance of the artwork being seen by someone who is willing to buy it.

When Did I Get 'Found'?

I received an email from Redbubble on the 18th of September 2020. I was informed that an artwork of mine would be featured on Redbubble’s homepage, and various shop pages. After the disappointment of having my Heathen artwork taken down, I was grateful for this stupendously good news.

Email from Redbubble informing JessicaAmber that 'Fangs for Keeping Safe' has been featured

What Artwork Was Featured?

2020 Drawing of a happy cartoon vampire mouth with grey skin and red blood. By JessicaAmber

The artwork that Redbubble chose to feature was Fangs for Keeping SafeThis design was primarily made to take advantage of how recently masks were made available on Redbubble, and how well they were selling. I made this artwork in one day, and only enabled it for masks, throw pillow, tote bags and pins.  Considering there are 3 mask sizes, that’s 6 products in total.

The weird thing was, when I went to the homepage and clicked the artwork, it took me to the page for the throw pillow, not the mask. I’m not sure why they thought the cushion was a better product to link to…

How Long Was I Featured For?

As at 21st September, my artwork is no longer appearing on Redbubble’s home page. So don’t expect your feature to last more than a couple of days.

Impact on This Artwork's Popularity

Before being Found, this artwork had no sales, no comments, and 3 favourites
After being Found, within 3 days I received 4 favourites. However, there were no additional sales or comments.

Google Analytics showing massive spike in interest 'Fangs for Keeping Safe' Artwork

In Google Analytics, I can see that the Fangs throw pillow was viewed 85 times in the past week. From having no attention to 57 views in one day, that’s pretty good.

Other Figures:
One interesting thing about Google Analytics is that it tracks pages with different suffixes differently. So I can see that the link /i/throw-pillow/Fangs-for-Keeping-Safe-Vampire-Cartoon-Mouth-by-JessicaAmber/47264482.5X2YF?ref=home_found [bold part meaning that the source of the click was the Redbubble home page] received 7 views.  

The tote bag got 8 views in the last week. And the mask only got 2 views.

So overall, the impact of being on the Found page for this particular artwork was not huge.

So Why Did I Get Found?

I have to assume that my artwork got Found on the merits of my account as a whole rather than the popularity of that one artwork. So here’s my Redbubble profile’s vital signs, from January 2018 to 21 September 2020:
I have uploaded 131 designs.
I have 19 collections.
I have sold 1073 items.
I have made an artist’s margin of AU$1350.55.
I have 3.99K favourites.
And I have 83 followers.


Getting your artworks Featured by Redbubble is not easy. It has taken me over two years and over a hundred pieces of art to get to this milestone. And there’s still the chance that this was a fluke. But maybe it really was an example of how perseverance and dedication can have positive results. So keep working on your Redbubble stores, making them the best they can be Perhaps consider doing a store audit…

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I hope this is helpful for other artists who are curious what it takes to get featured on Redbubble. If there are any other articles you’d like to see about Redbubble, please leave a comment below!

Peace, love and sunshine,

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