Society6 Tote Bag Template

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Society6 Tote Bag Template
A free template in PNG and AI format to create totebags to sell on Society6, by JessicaAmber. Browse more print-on-demand templates here...


Society6 hasn’t provided a template for their tote bags. And I thought it was necessary, because the three different tote bag sizes they offer do not seem to use the same parts of the image. So I made this template, using Society6 published product photos as guidelines.

Tote Bag Dimensions

Society6 tote bags come in three sizes: 13 x 13 inches, 16 x 16  inches and 18 x 18 inches. So they’re all squares, and theoretically a square design should be scalable to all three bag sizes. But as we can see in the images below, on the Society6 website each bags looks like slightly different.

Society6 13" tote bag with pentagram design by JessicaAmber
13x13" Tote Bag
Society6 16" tote bag with pentagram design by JessicaAmber
16x16" Tote Bag
Society6 18" tote bag with pentagram design by JessicaAmber
19x19" Tote Bag

The 16″ bag looks more like a tall rectangle, while the 18″ bag looks like a wider rectangle. With the same uploaded artwork being used on all 3 sizes, it is actually impossible to have a design that perfectly follows the edges of every bag.

My template can’t fix that problem. But it will show you what parts of the image will and won’t be visible in Society6 preview images, so you can avoid the embarrassment of having your image not aligned properly.

Download the Templates

This template measures 3500x3500px at 300dpi, RGB color mode.
You can download these templates as PNG files which can be imported into any image editing software. Just place it on top of your design at a lower opacity (and disable it before you upload your artwork!)
Society6 tote bag template with yellow and pink markings
Template for 13x13" Bag
Society6 tote bag template with yellow and purple markings
Template for 16x16" Bag
Society6 tote bag template with yellow and purple markings
Template for 18x18" Bag
 Or you can download an Illustrator version of the template below. It has all guidelines on separate layers for ease of use. (May require Illustrator CC 2017 version or later).
Comes as a 1.8MB .ai file, compressed in a 1.73MB .zip


I hope you find this template useful. If you need more Society6 templates, check out the ones I made for carry-all pouches and cover images.

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