Redbubble Desk Mat and Mousepad Templates

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Redbubble Desk Mat and Mousepad Templates
Download these free, easy-to-use templates for Redbubble's latest tech accessories - desk mats and mousepads. Comes in PNG and PSD formats.

Updated 18 May 2022: Version 2 of template



Redbubble will very soon make two new products available for purchase – desk mats and mousepads. Despite being able to start designing art for these products, they have not provided a template for the artists to use. So I’ve made two templates for you all!

Note that these templates are based on product photos provided by Redbubble, so actual print results may differ.

About The Templates

The templates use colours to show where to put design elements. The yellow area is safe – anything you put there will be visible on the published product photos. Red is the area that either gets covered by the edge binding on the pads, or cut off altogether. Don’t put anything you need visible in the red area.

I’ve made each template in 2 formats. The .PNG one, you’ll be able to import it into most art programs that support layers and transparency. Put it as the top layer, lower the opacity, and then adjust your artwork so the important parts are within the yellow zone. File size is 276KB.

The .PSD files are separated into layers, which you can turn on and off as needed. The template is in one layer folder, and your art goes into a 2nd layer folder. The .PSD file is made using Photoshop CC 2019 and saved in compatability mode for older versions. It isĀ  11.5MB, compressed into a 438KB .zip file. Unzip to use the file.

Desk Mat Template

Template for Redbubble desk mat

18 May 2022: I have updated the desk mat template to include the areas where a keyboard and mouse appears on product photos. This will help you place your art in a way that keeps it visible in the default product photo.

Before using template
After using template
Weeping Moon by JessicaAmber

Mouse Pad Template

Right click the image and Save As...

For examples of these templates being used successfully, check out my Minimalism 95 desk mat and mousepad, inspired by old Windows user interfaces and the Konmari method.


I hope this template will help you create some great-looking products to sell on Redbubble. For more templates, check out my full list of Redbubble templates. If you need any help, or a different file format, just leave a comment and I’ll get right on it!
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