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Make sure your artworks are ready for print on demand using this Photoshop template, free to download and use right now!


When you complete an artwork you’ve spent dozens of hours on, it can be tempting to slap it onto print-on-demand sites like Threadless as fast as possible. But you could be setting yourself up for more trouble than you need to. Choosing the right background colours for your design on t-shirts is a big chunk of making your products look awesome. Rush this, and you could have a clashing scheme. Enable all colours, and you can overwhelm your audience with too many choices. My solution? An easy-to-use Photoshop template to test your design against 83 Threadless shirt colours!

How To Use

It couldn’t be simpler! Just download the template from this link. (It’s a 5.8MB Photoshop file, compressed into a 24.3KB .zip file).
Unzip the package and open the PSD file in Photoshop.
In the Layers menu, you’ll see a folder marked Your Art Here. Paste your art into that folder.
In several folders underneath are all the shirt colours Threadless offers as at 4 March 2022. The colours are divided by family – blues, greens, neutrals, and so on. Simply turn the layers on and off to preview how your design would look on that colour garment.

Let’s put my artwork ‘Support Main Pixel Art’ into the template and text out some background colours.


I can see that the design looks kinda dull and unfitting on the maroon background, but vibrant and cohesive on a tri-aqua background.


I hope you find this template useful. If you have any questions or problems just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help. And for more useful Threadless tools and tutorials, check out this section of my blog.

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